Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Homemade holder for my glasses

I wear glasses for long and short vision, so many times I put a pair down and can never find them when I need them.
Today I thought I would show you a holder I made for my glasses, which I made so I would always know where to find them.

  • I began by making the carcass using mount board which I joined together with masking tape, and included a division to ensure my two pairs of glasses were separate.
  • Then I painted the whole thing with matt black acrylic paint.
  • I decorated each side with papers to match my d├ęcor - these are from a stash of Teresa Collins papers, then I added embellishments.
  • Finally I lined the two compartments with black felt to ensure the glass lenses remain scratch free.
  • I have found this very useful, and will be making a larger one to hold glasses and TV remote controls

Here are a few more views for you:

I hope this gives you some ideas
All for now

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